You have an idea!

You have an idea and you want to put it out there, at RichIntellect will store your idea and push it out to potential investors.

What we need from you is a plan, examples and anything that will help us represent you. We know it's boring and hard work but remember, these ideas will be presented to people who will have questions. We have links on what we need and we also provide services to help too.

To promote your ideas, we have a three phase approach:

  • You fill in a form which includes your idea, your reseach and any highlights in no more than 500 words including a link to a cloud based drive with any further material that is relevant. There will be a commitment fee, think of it as confirmation you believe in your idea enough to invest in it.
  • We will review the form and the links and either pick up the idea and represent you or we will respond to you with the next possible steps to take but will not take the idea further. This doesn't mean it's a bad idea, only that will not take it further this time.
  • If we pick up your idea, we will find those that will be interested and sell your idea to them. This will include contacts, shows and the media. If there is an interested party, we will ask you and advise you what to do. If you agree, we will prepare the paperwork and agree a meeting with the interested party. We will be there supporing you until an agreement is made.

Here are some links that will help you, there are also services we provide to help:

Come up with a business idea

How to get your ideas out of your headWriting a business plan

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